Call for Proposals to Restore the Maritime Forest

2020–21 Request for Proposals

The Dewees Island Conservancy recognizes that the maritime forest plays a vital role (along with the marshes, the wetlands, and the beach dunes) in the overarching environmental health of our island and our region. We are requesting proposals for projects that are deemed to be a part of our 2020–21 strategic focus: the restoration and preservation of the maritime forest. We are at the beginning our fundraising push to help fund grants that support worthwhile projects that meet our mission and strategic focus. It is currently unclear how many projects, or at what level, our funding can cover.

We are Seeking Project Proposals

    • Our primary RFP (request for proposal) is a targeted award, not to exceed $150,000, focused on the protection of the maritime forest from saltwater incursion. 
    • The breach of Lake Timicau on Dewees Island is a significant threat to the fragile maritime forest via ongoing saltwater incursion. A restoration project centered on restoring the breach of Lake Timicau is clearly within our mission and strategic focus to preserve our fragile maritime forest. 
    • All projects will be given equal treatment in the granting of available funds.
    • Our secondary RFP is a small annual grant mechanism allowing 2021–22 Dewees Island Conservancy intern program, and like-minded area nonprofits, to request up to $5,000 in support for small projects that focus on preserving and protecting the natural environment of South Carolina’s fragile barrier island ecosystems.

Download Official Proposal form

Please follow the Grant Proposal Guidelines as expressed in the attached document.

Metrics and Monitoring

Metrics for monitoring grantees progress and the project’s success will be proposed by the recipient and approved by the Conservancy board.